Whiskey Rebellion

Tobacco Rebellion previously known as Whiskey Rebellion E-liquids is a unique blend of flavors that incorporates whiskey and tobacco flavors to create  a mature, well rounded product to suits vapors needs.  We create nostolgic blends like Old Fashioned  that brings me back to the days of hanging out with close friends and sipping on a sophisicated cocktails, or Hamiltons Heat which reminds me of a fireball.    For the vapor that is looking for tobacco flavors we have Copper kettle which blends Tobacco, Vanilla and Whiskey for a more refined taste, and Angry Farmer for a more straight forward approach which is whiskey and pipe tobacco blend.   1794 is a mix of aged Whiskey and golden natural Honey to add some sweetness to that whiskey.   These flavors are a must have in your  of e-liquid stash.  They are especially good if you are looking for something different, but they also serve has an excellent transition to new vapors coming off combustibles.